Transforming the way you manage and move your cotton.

Leading-edge Inventory Management Solution co-designed with industry professionals.

Awesome Features

Meeting the cotton industry needs

The current extensive manual processes invites human error,  greater risk and reduced efficiency. We have created Croperation to increase efficiency, and streamline this process.

Decrease Costs & Increase Efficiency

Increase trade volume without increasing the size of your operations  team.  

Workflow Automation  

In platform email integration will have you  generating & sending documents in seconds. 

Data intelligence 

Agility to make informed buying & selling decision based on actual data in realtime.

Cloud-based software 

Store your data securely and access it anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

Real-time dashboard

Live visual snapshot of key information, allowing you to make fast and informed decisions.

Faster Processing

Upload CSV files and process it in seconds, without the need for a large operations team.

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